Our History

A brief outline of our history

1854: Presbyterian worship commenced in Bendigo
1859: First Presbyterian Church in Bendigo (St. Andrew’s) opened
1859: Meeting held to ascertain interest in a local church.
1859: Victoria Street land purchased, building commenced
1860: Services held to celebrate the opening of the Church
1860: First Minister, Rev Robert Henderson inducted
1861: First Session established
1864: Church building improved and enlarged
1872: Further alterations and extensions completed
1907: Sunday School Hall opened
1912: Electricity arrives!
1947: Major internal alterations completed
1950-2: Stained glass windows added
1959: Centenary celebrations observed
1977: Home of continuing Presbyterians after Union
2009: 150 years of worship and witness celebrated

Ministers of of our Church

Rev Robert Henderson 1860-1862
Rev James Abernethy 1862-1869
Rev W Moore White 1870-1873
Rev J Bentley Reid 1873-1876
Rev Robert Lewers 1877-1898
Rev David Telfer 1899-1907
Rev William Cunningham 1907-1910
Rev A Irving Davidson 1911-1915
Ren Andrew Brownlie 1916-1920
Rev James Kelly 1920-1923
Rev Albert Harvey 1924-1928
Ps Henry Lyons 1928-1932
Rev Thomas Darby 1932-1935
Rev James Ashmore 1935-1936
Ps James Blackney 1937-1940
Ps E Vertigan 1941
Rev Arthur Henderson 1941-1945
Rev Norman Pfeiffer 1947-1951
Rev Arthur Stamp 1951
Rev A Reynolds Waters 1951-1954
Rev George Leicester 1955-1958
Rev Neil Scott 1959-1964
Rev Wilfred Collins 1965-1966
Rev John McDermid 1967-1971
Rev Robert Stenton 1973-1975
Rev John Roberts 1976-1977
Rev John Aitken 1977-1980
Rev Colin Harrison 1980-1983
Rev John Webster 1985-1995
Rev Andrew Clarke 1995
Ps Robert (Bob) Romeo 1995-2008
Rev Grant Vayne 2008-2009
Ps Steven Arbuckle 2010-2017
Rev Bill Lutton 2017-2018 (interim)
Rev Jesse Walz 2018-